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Oct. Yin Training Flier

Yin Yoga Intensive & Teacher Training~

Join James Kapicka & KistaLove Louise for a deep study of yin yoga through the exploration of breath awareness, pose modifications and variations, intelligent sequencing, yin philosophy and the creation and holding of a container for healing yoga ceremony.

The foundational aspects of this training include:
☯ Coming in & out of shapes safely
☯ Anatomical & energetic sequencing
☯ Use of props, modifications & variations
☯ Assisting & massage
☯ Counter poses
☯ Contraindications
☯ Teaching & embodiment of yin philosophy
☯ Theming
☯ Holding space that supports healing
☯ Use of silence & stillness

This weekend intensive has been designed for students of yoga who wish to increase their understanding of the yin practice, and for teachers aspiring to gain knowledge of yin postures and philosophy. We will discuss and examine topics such as chi, Taoism, yin/yang, anatomy, Chinese meridians, chakras and meditation. Practicum will explore how to move through postures to help deepen your practice and adapt it to the personal needs of students. This includes working with modifications and variations, as well as building sequences around the seasons, anatomical features, and Chinese meridians.

– $319 Early Registration (before September 29th)
– $369 (after September 29th)

Students who complete the 2 homework assignments will receive 25 hours CE.


Experience the bliss of using your hands to serve others through conscious touch. This practice of presence and acceptance necessitates seeing and supporting the goodness in another, rather than trying to change or fix.


Join James and KristaLove for an immersion to explore how to safely and effectively assist yin poses, while maintaining personal body awareness. Participants will work collaboratively to give and receive while learning and discussing how different assists feel. This interactive workshop offers the opportunity to examine what makes a great assist. We will incorporate practices of Thai Yoga Massage and stimulate Chinese Meridians with pressure points to facilitate the flow of energy through the body. 

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